"As a high school coach in Northern Michigan, I would have to offer my highest endorsement to the Beach Bums Baseball Academy. Not only did our players receive sound fundamental instruction on both hitting and defense, they were also introduced to proper conditioning and weight training techniques that they still use.

As a result of the personal attention he was shown in Wuerfel Park's top-notch facilities, our catcher saw his batting average climb from .286 as a sophomore to .408 as a junior, and also enjoyed tremendous improvements in his slugging percentage. Participants also ahve the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of college coaches who regularly come up for guest appearances.

The bottom line is this: as coaches, we want to see our players succeed to the best of their ability, but we don't always have the necessary off-season facilities available or the connections to get them maximum exposure to college coaches. The Academy not only provides those opportunities, but also addes professional tutoring that reinforces and expands the fundamentals we teach the players ourselves. It is a win-win proposition.

If you want your teams to experience more success and your athletes to have every opportunity to continue playing beyond high school, then you want your players in the Beach Bums Baseball Academy. I have been greatly pleased with the results, as I believe you will be."

Kris Herman
Head Coach
Glen Lake High School


"With the help of the Beach Bums Academy staff my son Chris went from a relative unknown to a legitimate JUCO/ D1 prospect. I would encourage any Northern Michigan student athlete with college aspirations to utilize the Beach Bums Academy to get to the next level."
Doug Waha, Charlevoix
Father of Chris Waha - signed by Grand Rapids Community College

"The Beach Bums Baseball Academy is a phenomenal training program that every young man, hoping for a future in baseball, should be enrolled in."
Georgia Durga, Traverse City
Mother of Grant Durga - 11th Grade, TC West
Game winning two out hit vs. TC Central in the District Championship Game

"[Through the Beach Bums Baseball Academy] my son [Joey Caraccio] has had a great opportunity to work with the Beach Bums shortstop and get private lessons with the Beach Bums pitching coach. For him to hear a professional shortstop sincerely say that he has phenomenal ability has helped him grow in confidence and ability."
Don Caraccio, Traverse City
Father of Joey Caraccio, 8th Grade, TC West Jr. High


"The Beach Bums Baseball Academy has had a big influence on my life and the goals I wish to reach. Private lessons are a great opportunity to get the attention you need in order to become a better player, and getting ready for the season starts with the Strength and Conditioning Sessions. The Summer Clinics are fun because you have the chance to play [on the field] at Wuerfel Park, and for the College Clinic Series college coaches come in and get you familiar with the recruiting process, their programs, and college rules. They also let you in on what colleges look for in baseball players. The Hitting League is a load of fun, and a great way for all the Academy Members to show off all of the hard work they have put in. Most of all, everyone at the Academy contains has a spirit and passion to make you the best player you can be, and thatís the difference between a good player and great player."
Hunter Slade, 11th Grade, Onekama High School

"[Academy Pitching Instructor] Dave Lemuiex is not only fun to work with, but a really good coach. I have improved so much in my pitching ability and technique. I have gained confidence on the mound and have a number of different pitches I can use. My velocity has also increased with Dave's help."
Joey Caraccio, 8th Grade, TC West Jr. High

"I really enjoy the private lessons. You get to work with athletes who live and breath baseball. They understand what your goals are and help you achieve them. The college clinics just don't offer local athletes a great learning opportunity, but also gives athletes a chance to be noticed by college coaches. The hitting league is a great way to take batting practice. You are in competition, which makes it fun. You think, hey, we need a double or single, and you feel good when it all comes together. It's not just a routine batting practice, your not just going through the motions, you're having competitive fun."
Raymond Platts, 11th Grade, Lake Leelanau St. Mary's High School

If you've been a part of the Beach Bums Baseball Academy in any form and would like to submit a testimonial, please contact Academy Director Jason Wuerfel at jason@tcbeachbums.com.